Planogram Walkthrough

One of the initial steps to any planogram process is the planogram walkthrough. The planogram walkthrough is performed after the planogram is physically setup at the planogram lab. Attendance at the planogram walkthrough should be mandatory for all key decision makers in the category management process. The purpose of the planogram walkthrough is to ensure the approval of the planogram is met by all decision makers before the set is scanned in electronically by the toolbox category services team.

Some of the key areas to focus on during the planogram walkthrough are:

• Planogram assortment- Having too many offerings in the set may confuse the shopper while not having enough offerings leads to the shopper going to the competitor.
• Planogram flow- ensuring the planogram flows in the correct order from the front of store as well as having the correct private label key offs i.e.) private label placed to the right of the national brand.
• Proper placement of products- Making sure that the placement of products is correct from a merchandising standpoint. i.e.) having children products at children’s eye level where it makes sense is just one example of this.
• Store Operations- It is important to have someone from store operations attend to ensure the planogram does not break any operations standards.

These key points are to be reviewed by all who attend the planogram walkthrough. Objections to the planogram should be discussed with all the members of the category team to ensure proper planogram release. Failure to perform a planogram walkthrough properly will result in more needless rework in the planogram process by all parties which will result in a poor planogram.